Biological Sciences, Santa Barbara City College

Biology 100: Concepts of Biology
Labs:  Spring 2019
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SBCC Field Trip Waiver Form and Addendum A

  Lab     Topic
  Lab  1:  Biological Observations and Perspectives
  Lab  2:  Microscopes and Cells
  Lab  3:  Movement of Molecules: Diffusion & Osmosis
  Lab  4: Cellular Respiration and Enzymes
  Lab  5:  Photosynthesis

Lab  6:  Genetics and Heredity  

  Lab  7:  Biotechnology Lab – Transformation
  Lab  8:  Biotechnology Lab – DNA Profiling

Lab  9:  Evolution and Natural Selection  


Lab  10:  Plant Biology

  Lab 11:  Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (Field Trip) 
  Lab 12: Sandy Beach Ecology & Biodiversity         Sandy Beach Community Handout

Lab 13:  Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (Field Trip) 


Lab 14 Human Digestion and Nutrition  


Lab 15:  Physical Fitness

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