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Biology 130: Methods in Field Biology

Final Project Grading Rubric (300 pts total)


Specific criteria

Maximum points

Research Question & Hypothesis

  • Present a clearly stated question & testable hypothesis

45 (15%)


  • Justification for why would this study is important (how will it advance knowledge about the organism/system or others)


30 (10%)

Background & Methods

  • Detailed description of exactly how the research would be conducted
  • Refer to at least 2 scientific papers utilizing this method  (1 per person in group)
  • Discuss why this is the best method. 
  • Discuss the constraints of the method. 


45 (15%)


  • Provide a list of all field equipment required for project
  • Discuss the locations of your study, why those particular places
  • Discuss how often you would need to visit the sites and how long the study would need to be conducted 


45 (15%)


  • Present expectations of what results may be in a clearly stated or graphical way
  • Provides an alternative of what data may look like if prediction is false    


30 (10%)


  • Voice audible; clearly spoken
  • Makes contact with audience
  • If used, visuals are legible, proof-read, appropriate, clearly explained
  • Completed in 15-20 minutes; timing well-planned (sufficient time on each section)
  • Teamwork well done (all members contribute equally)


30 (10%)

Preliminary Data/Proof of Concept

  • Provide preliminary data & basic analyses of it (e.g., graphs) to show that your idea is workable


30 (10%)


  • Each person exhibits clear understanding of the material; is able to answer questions about the project
  • Each person contributes equally to the work


45 (15%)

Total Score



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