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TA for the Day Grading Rubric (200 pts total)

Criteria Specific Criteria Maximum points

Pre-meeting with instructor/researcher.

Write-up (as bullet-point list) submitted prior to day consisting of:

  • Summary of the method
  • Purpose of method
  • Notes on the benefits & limitations of the particular technique
  • Considerations required (i.e., season, etc)
  • The utility of this technique for other ecosystems
  • List of equipment needed
Field Leadership

Team leader during the field excursion:

  • Explain technique completely & concisely
  • Go over equipment/usage of it
  • Go over ID of focal organisms
  • Review data sheets with students
  • Ensure team is conducting the research correctly and working well together
  • Answer questions
  • Conduct de-brief
Data Collection & Handling
  • Collect data sheets & review each datasheet with each data collector to ensure that data are accurate and readable
  • Entry of data into an Excel file

Within 10 days of trip, provide a post-trip write-up that includes:

  • The data (email Excel file to us)
  • Brief analysis of data (what was found)
  • Summary of the trip including
    • What worked,
    • What the challenges were to quality data collection,
    • Thoughts/ideas for improvement
Total Score   200

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