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Common Land Birds of Santa Cruz island


This list is compiled from the "fairly common" to "very common" species as indicated in "A checklist of birds of the California Channel Islands" by Paul W. Collins and H. Lee Jones, Ph.D.

sci birds


Great blue heron (?) Pacific slope flycatcher
Bald eagle Black phoebe
Northern harrier (?) Hutton's vireo
Red-tailed hawk Warbling vireo
Cooper's Hawk Island scrub jay
Mourning dove Common raven
Barn owl Barn swallow
Northern saw-whet owl Bushtit
White-throated swift Red-breasted nuthatch
Anna's hummingbird Rock wren
Allen's hummingbird Canyon wren
Acorn woodpecker Bewick's wren
Northern flicker Blue-gray gnatcatcher
American kestrel Ruby-crowned kinglet
Peregrine falcon Hermit thrush
  American robin
  Northern mockingbird
  European starling
  American pipit
  Orange-crowned warbler
  Common yellowthroat
  Yellow warbler (?)
  Yellow-rumped warbler
  Townsend's warbler
  Wilson's warbler
  Spotted towhee
  Rufous-crowned sparrow
  Chipping sparrow
  Savannah sparrow
  Fox sparrow
  Song sparrow
  White-crowned sparrow
  Golden-crowned sparrow
  Dark-eyed junco
  Western tanager
  Black-headed grosbeak
  Red-winged blackbird
  Western meadowlark
  Brewer's blackbird
  Brown-headed cowbird
  House finch
  Lesser goldfinch

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